I Needed to Find a New Energy Provider

When I got my last energy bill, I was surprised to see that the rates had jumped so high. I was shocked for a couple of reasons. The first is because I had been paying roughly the same amount for over a year, so I just wasn’t expecting such a hike in prices. The second is because all I had to do was a quick search for Texas energy rates to see what other companies are offering as far as rates go. Since there is no regulation for energy companies here in Texas, we consumers actually get a voice in the matter.

That is why I was surprised that the company I was with would raise their prices so much, since it was pretty easy for me to compare their competition’s prices to see if I could get a lower rate elsewhere. That is just what I did too. I was able to go to a website that had all of the companies that provide energy to my neighborhood, and I compared their prices as well as their different plans. I was even able to compare the different plans within the company I had been using, in case there was a cheaper alternative for me.

There wasn’t with that particular energy company, but I was able to switch to another company that offered much lower prices. The best part is that I was able to get on a fixed plan too rather than the variable that I had been on up until that point. I like knowing that I am going to pay one price all year long, rather than run the risk of my prices going up should there be some sort of energy crisis. When I found out I was going to pay more on that bill, I was upset, but it actually turned out pretty good for me!

Choosing More Eco-Friendly Electricity Suppliers in Texas

People are getting more concerned about the depletion of natural resources. However, when it come to supplying the energy to your home, you had limited options unless you had a fortune to do something with the infrastructure of supply. People that are ecologically minded can put in solar panels if they have the money. What do you do if you want to help save the planet but do not have a lot of money to spend? I followed a link that said click here to find your new electricity supplier. How does that help the planet? Well, here in Texas we can choose our electricity suppliers. We just picked one that provided green energy.

What you can do is look into the companies to find out how they source the energy they are buying and that you are paying for. Some electricity is from coal-fired generators. Some comes from nuclear sources. Other sources include hydroelectric, wind and solar. Since wind and hydroelectric are more in line with our ecological mindedness, we decided to seek out an energy supplier that buys electricity from these types of sources. It may not be the lowest price you can pay per kilowatt hour yet. In some instances you have to step up and be willing to pay a tiny bit more than you might for less than eco-friendly electricity suppliers. It is all about what you want.

If you do want to just go for the absolute lowest price for electricity in Texas that is possible, you can choose to do that too. We just wanted something different. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about paying a lot more. It is really only a matter of pennies per kilowatt hour. Just a few dollars on the monthly bill. However, it can make a big difference for the planet in the long term.

Doing Some Work Done in Corpus Cristi

I am pretty much a courier right now. Down here on the Corpus Cristi bay you have a lot of the Texas energy companies who are drilling for oil and I work for what you call an oil field services company. That can mean just about anything you can imagine, because the oil companies want to pay their people to find and produce oil. They have to do all sorts of other things that they need done and by and large they are sort of out in the middle of nowhere a lot. So for an example they might need a piece of machinery, or more typically a part from some machine. They broke the one they had and so you have ten guys standing around doing nothing, all of them drawing paychecks for upwards of fifty dollars an hour if they are an engineer or a tech guy.